TRYSOR RFID Supply Chain temp

TRYSOR is BSN’s RFID Supply Chain Solution and offers the following list of RFID enabled applications

  • ‘Accuracy of Count’ – compared to Picking List, ASN and Store Planogram.
  • ‘Stock Queries’ – at any known location. Item level data by date/time.
  • ‘Seek & Find’ – Quickly find what item you are looking for. In the warehouse and the store.
  • ‘Cycle Counts’ – Stock taking every day.
  • ‘Stock Replenishment’ – Artificially Intelligence (AI) creating replenishment actions.
  • ‘Shelf Replenishment’ – AI function. Compares to the store Planogram.
  • ‘EAS Loss Prevention’ – replacing the need for old fashioned EAS tags.
  • Consumer Engagement – Scan the item and get product information. Applies to Sports Wear, Luxury items.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting – Check that inventories have not been infiltrated.

TRYSOR is BSN’s RFID software platform

Gathering data from the RFID labels, TRYSOR offers a suite of software applications that are based on ‘item Level’ count and visibility

Accuracy of Count

From Vendor to Store, there are many occasions when the item count contains errors. These errors can result in costly penalties to the shipping agent. Inaccurate stock counts are the key reason that lead to Out of Stocks (OOS) and the need for increased levels of ‘Safety Stocks’ in the Supply Chain. When using a legacy barcode system to manage stock counts, it is not possible to track individual items unless each label is lined up and scanned. However, when using the unique SGTIN’s on an RFID chip and then scanning the radio signals in bulk, it IS possible to track, trace and count; all the way down to the item level.

A recent study at the Auburn University found that when using barcodes, only 31% of deliveries were accurate, as compared to the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN). When using RFID on the same type of shipments the count was greater than 99% accurate.

TRYSOR works to ensure that the shipment count is accurate, all along the supply chain. At the Vendor PICK/Pack station, at the Warehousing, ‘Shipping/Receiving’ areas, and all the way to the Retail Store.

BSN’s TRYSOR RFID ‘Accuracy of Count’ application produces item level data that can be relied upon. It reduces charge back penalties, helps to manage inventory levels across the supply chain, and increases the level of stock control.

Stock Queries

Making sure that store inventories can be constantly replenished. Or that e-commerce orders can be delivered to the Consumer, when promised, is a daily challenge for the logistics and Ops. department. In most cases the only way to manage.Out of Stocks (OOS) is to carry a large % of safety stocks. But these safety stocks can be a drain of the company’s profits.

A key benefit of TRYSOR is the ability to run stock queries by item level.

Knowing which items are in which location at any time is now possible with TRYSOR and RFID item-level visibility. And as the ‘Item Count’ has already been verified as accurate, it’s easy to feel confident that the data is correct.

BSN’s TRYSOR ‘Stock Queries’ application is made possible with RFID.

Even a 1% reduction in safety stocks can represent $millions in savings to the organization.

Seek & Find

When a customer requests a stock item that may be in the back of store. Set TRYSOR to the ‘Seek & Find’ App.

The operator then uses the RFID Handheld reader just like a Geiger Counter.

The reader will beep louder as the operator gets closer to the item.

TRYSOR shows a screen to ‘Stop Scanning’, when the item is found.

Cycle Counts

Stock taking or ‘Cycle Counts’ can sometimes take days, when having to scan barcode labels.

Using TRYSOR, the operator simply has to wave the scanner across the items. TRYSOR picks up the radio waves and reads all the item SGTINS in a matter of minutes.

What TRYSOR users have found:

  • 99% faster and more accurate than with barcode
  • Allows for weekly and even daily cycle counts
  • Improves Inventory Accuracy from around 65% to <90%
  • Reduces OOS by as much as 5%
  • Allows for ‘Just in Time’ inventory replenishment

Shelf Replenishment

Making sure that the Right Product in the Right Size is always on the Right Shelf is a key challenge of a retail store. After taking ten or fifteen minutes to find an item that they like,consumers are often annoyed when they cannot find the item in their size. This often results in a lost sale and if persistent it can also lead to the permanent loss of a customer.

When using TRYSOR, an operator can run a quick scan of the items on-shelf.

At this point, TRYSOR will compare the items on-shelf to a store Planogram or Merchandising plan. When items are missing, TRYSOR will display an alert and identify the items that need to be replenished; by color, size and count. With TRYSOR, you may never miss another sale.

RFID/EAS Loss Prevention

Improve the RFID ROI when using TRYSOR in place EAS security tags.

The university of Florida estimates as much as 2% of items are stolen from stores every year. For a retail store group, that loss can amount to $millions.

After many years of development, BSN is now able to prove that its RFID labels can trigger an EAS alarm, replacing the need for separate security tags.

BSN’s RFID labels contain unique features that allow for the tag to be recognized at the POS and then placed into a protected mode. Once in protected mode, the tags become invisible to any other RFID reader. However, if the tag is not taken to the POS – when an item is stolen – the exit readers will see the tag and trigger the security alarm.

Even better – when using a TRYSOR system it is possible for the security gates to gather the product code from the tag that is attached to the item which is being stolen. This will help to update the store inventory system and ensure that the stock count remains accurate.

At the same time, the item code can be used to provide a TV picture of the product that is being stolen. Providing a greater deterrent to potential thieves.


Knowing that the items being delivered to the store are genuine is becoming a key challenge to retailers of all types.

As the ‘Bad Guys’ become more proficient at introducing counterfeit products into the Supply Chain, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for the retail operation to verify that the products that are being delivered to its stores are the ‘Real Thing’.

All BSN RFID labels can now carry an encrypted code that is almost impossible to copy. By reading this code with the TRYSOR anti-counterfeit application, it is now possible to check the product database, and verify where and when the tag was encoded. Suspect product will generate a visible alarm on the TRYSOR screen.

Counterfeit products can soon be spotted and eliminated from the inventory. Getting Started with TRYSOR

We suggest that you start with a simple Proof of Concept – Pilot

Let BSN support you each step of the way. We charge a minimal fee for a Pilot and provide our on-site consulting, Free of Charge.

Choose a TRYSOR Application.

For example: Seek & Find in a single store.

Or maybe you want to run a Pilot in a warehouse?

Our TRYSOR team will help you Prepare, Analise the ROI, and Test the System

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