BSN and Turck US form Collaboration to Offer Turnkey RFID Item-level Tracking to the Retail Supply Chain

January 12, 2023 – BSN and Turck US today announce a new collaboration agreement that will offer real-time item-level visibility to the retail supply chain.

As a key supplier of RFID labels to retail brands and stores, BSN will tap into the innovative RFID Gate Systems offered by Turck. Mounted over a warehouse dock door or other opening, items going through the gate are captured and recorded simultaneously into a customer’s ERP system or a Cloud server.

RFID labels, currently used for item visibility within the store, can be used to provide reports throughout the supply chain It would simply require the installation of a turnkey RFID infrastructure in the warehouse and distribution centers.

“We knew that our RFID labels would provide the item data that could help reduce the number of safety stocks and that this connected RFID data has the potential to save millions of dollars,” said Philip Calderbank, RFID Consultant at BSN. “However, as BSN is primarily a label company, we needed to find a global partner, capable to supply the RFID readers and software into logistics operations. This agreement now enables BSN and Turck to supply a total ‘real-time’ item visibility solution from a vendor to store shelf. Being able to take advantage of the existing RFID labels throughout the supply chain, provides for a much greater ROI.”

 “Turck looks forward to working with BSN and offering a more complete solution for item-level tracking and visibility in retail,” commented Don Eichman, Turck Systems Group Manager. “It is exciting to see the talented teams work together and have a clear understanding of how they can use both RFID solutions to deliver more value to their customers,” he concluded.

BSN and Turck will be highlighting their new supply chain solutions at the National Retail Federation ‘Big Show,’ which will be at the Jacob Kravits Center in New York from January 15-17.


About BSN

Head Quartered in Guangzhou, and with operations around the world, BSN offers a local service in Packaging, TRIMS, Labels, and RFID ‘item level’ tracking solutions.

Founded in 1988, BSN now supplies more than 500 Apparel, Footwear and Supply Chain organizations, located in 16 countries.

Through its technology division, BSN designs and produces RFID inlays and software solutions. Building on its rapid success in this area, the company recently opened a purpose-built ‘state-of-the-art’ RFID design and production Technology Center, visit

About Turk

Turck is a pioneer in automation technology, providing customers with a comprehensive line of quality and advanced technology products in a fast, flexible and accurate manner. With more than 4,600 people working in 30 countries, Turck has built global partnerships with customers based on engineering expertise, flexibility, and our willingness to take on engineering challenges that others will not. For more information, visit


BSN Launches its RFID iTheft Smart Exit Alarms for Retail Loss Prevention

They said it could not be done.

Using standard RFID tags and labels to trigger store exit alarms has long been the holy grail for retail Loss Prevention departments, but RFID has always been thought of as second best when compared to Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). However, while highly successful in its heyday, today’s thieves have come to treat EAS alarm gates with contempt. Even worse, there are so many false alarms that customers and store employees no longer take any notice when the buzzer sounds.

With retail theft growing and now amounting to a multi $ billion-dollar loss, the 1960s EAS technology is no longer viewed as a valuable theft deterrent, and with tags costing as much as 2 cents each, the return on investment for EAS alarms is coming into question. In the past, the consensus was that RFID is not robust enough to trigger alarms across a busy store exit. BSN’s iTheft now meets that challenge.

By using unique features, contained in the Impinj M700 chipset, linked to BSN’s Trysor® cloud-based software, the iTheft solution can trigger alarms at a similar rate to EAS. In addition to triggering the alarm, iTheft takes advantage of RFID technology and can provide reports on the identity of the items being stolen. These stolen items can then be automatically deducted from a stock inventory list, ensuring that the store’s stock on-hand is accurate and that the missing items can be re-plenished.

“The greatest benefit of iTheft is the increased ROI in a retail RFID system, and this should lead to RFID being introduced to a greater set of product categories” said Philip Calderbank, BSN’s RFID Consultant. “BSN RFID tags that are already used in other apparel & footwear applications, such as item visibility in the store, or supply chain, can now be used for Loss Prevention. There is no additional cost of the RFID tag, and so the savings against a store’s existing EAS tag cost can be as high as 100%.”


Joelle Power

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    Global Footprint Expansion

    BSN is Excited to Share our New Locations with our Global Customers!

    • Bangladesh
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    • Sri Lanka

    Local Production – Local Service – Local Billing – Global Quality

    BSN Launches New RFID M700 Inlays

    DENVER, May 18, 2021 ( – BSN, a member of the Baoshen group, today announced the launch of its new range of M700 RFID Inlays. These inlays will take advantage of the increased functionality of the Impinj M730 and M750 chip-sets and provide a major upgrade in RFID label read range and sensitivity.

    Available in 3 sizes, 50 * 30 mm, 70*14mm, and 42*16mm, the inlays offer an increase in sensitivity ratings to -24 dBm. This dBm rating produces a greater read range from a smaller label footprint.

    Previously unheard of on a low-powered logic chip, -24 dBm sensitivity allows for improved readability when products are densely packed or stacked, or when there are a lot of metal shelves or other obstructions that have traditionally created a challenge for RFID tags and labels. Enhanced Auto-Tune brings greater accuracy when used in global applications at various radio frequencies.

    A smaller chip size enables more dies per wafer, producing a lower carbon footprint in the Semi-Conductor Foundry production.

    BSN is also taking advantage of the unique Loss Prevention capabilities of the Impinj M700 chips.  

    Available in three convenient sizes: 70*14mm, 50*30mm, and 42*16mm, the inlays come with either 96 bit or 128 bit memory.

    The BSN RFID MR 700 Inlays and labels are perfect for use in Apparel, Footwear, and Warehouse operations.

    BSN Launches New RFID M700 Inlays | Newswire

    BSN Innovations in Packaging | RFID
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