BSN Launches New RFID M700 Inlays

DENVER, May 18, 2021 ( – BSN, a member of the Baoshen group, today announced the launch of its new range of M700 RFID Inlays. These inlays will take advantage of the increased functionality of the Impinj M730 and M750 chip-sets and provide a major upgrade in RFID label read range and sensitivity.

Available in 3 sizes, 50 * 30 mm, 70*14mm, and 42*16mm, the inlays offer an increase in sensitivity ratings to -24 dBm. This dBm rating produces a greater read range from a smaller label footprint.

Previously unheard of on a low-powered logic chip, -24 dBm sensitivity allows for improved readability when products are densely packed or stacked, or when there are a lot of metal shelves or other obstructions that have traditionally created a challenge for RFID tags and labels. Enhanced Auto-Tune brings greater accuracy when used in global applications at various radio frequencies.

A smaller chip size enables more dies per wafer, producing a lower carbon footprint in the Semi-Conductor Foundry production.

BSN is also taking advantage of the unique Loss Prevention capabilities of the Impinj M700 chips.  

Available in three convenient sizes: 70*14mm, 50*30mm, and 42*16mm, the inlays come with either 96 bit or 128 bit memory.

The BSN RFID MR 700 Inlays and labels are perfect for use in Apparel, Footwear, and Warehouse operations.

BSN Launches New RFID M700 Inlays | Newswire